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The Bus Boat can be rented for personal purposes after Public Service is over, starting from 20:30 / 20:45 pm to celebrate an event (birthday, holiday, family or friendly outing with a possibility to organize an aperitif, a cocktail, with tasting of local specialties...) by an enchanting and personalized sea trip (with a possibility to decorate the Boat at your convenience, to pick up musicians...) in the heart of the city,  at the foot of the Grimaldi Rock, inside of  Port Hercule, among the most beautiful yachts of the Mediterranian sea!
This original offer for a reasonable price can also be transformed,  if weather permits, into an unforgettable « Sunset Champagne » for an association, a company. You will see a moment when the sun is dissappearing beyond the Prince Palace and the city illuminates with thousands of lights...
Then these moments of dream can be followed by a pleasant festive dinner in one of the excellent restaurants near the Port. 
Note: You can easily park your car at the docks in the evening... 
The Bus Boat can carry up to 50 passengers, but we would recommend not to exceed the limit of 30 persons for practical and convivial reasons...

Tariffs :  

450,00 € (including VAT 10%), all fees included, for 2 hours on board.
During the rental, only the navigation time is billed, namely starting from departure from the dock and until returning to the dock.
Each additional hour is billed at the rate of 150,00 € TTC.
MONACO RIVIERA NAVIGATION offers up to 30 min before trip for possible preparations and passenger boarding and 30 min after trip for disembarking passengers and decorations. Any extra time is billed at the one hour charge prorated into exceeded period.